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"-omics" technologies in combination with bioinformatics tools and biobanking are the prerequisites for the identification and validation of medical biomarkers. Metabolomics, genetics & genomics, an immunology platform and digital pathology are the core technologies used in CBmed.

In biomarker research metabolomics are used in the targeted and untargeted search for new biomarkers but also for the validation of biomarkers in different sets of samples. Genotyping technologies can be used to identify the underlying cause of a disease and result in the identification of new therapeutic targets.

Research projects

CBmed Projects aim to develop easily applicable, targeted, minimally invasive biomarkers for better diagnosis, better therapy monitoring and a more personalized treatment of patients.


State-of-the-art flow cytometry is used to find activation markers for regulatory immune cells that are validated in different disease models. The same platform will be used to identify pattern recognition to validate biomarkers leading to fast new tools for early diagnosis of fungal infections.

The latest in digital pathology systems, capable of automated tissue recognition, simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers and subsequent extraction & analysis of data, will enable in-situ immunophenotyping in the development of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for cancer and metabolic diseases.