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                                               MASTER THESIS


Development of a Responsive Web Application for Integration of a Prediction Model Used in a Clinical Decision Support System


CBmed, an Austrian funded competence center, links scientific experts with leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical-technology and IT industry partners. CBmed has a strong European network in the area of biomarker research including Biobank Graz, the largest Biobank in Europe.



The aim of the project is to develop a clinical decision support system for critically ill patients based on existing and new biomarkers monitored by biosensors. Cooperation partners include the Medical University of Graz and B.Braun Melsungen AG, a medical device manufacturer. A first outline and visual concept of the clinical decision support system already exists.


Goals and Tasks

The main goal is to develop a graphical user interface based on international state-of-the-art recommendations and insights from health care professionals stationed at intensive care units of LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz. As a second step, a mathematical prediction model developed at the Graz University of Technology Institute of Health Care Engineering will be integrated. Mobile up-to-date IT equipment is provided by CBmed.



- Implementation of a web application including data interfaces

- Integration of the mathematical model providing prediction of parameters   based on user input

- Source code documentation

- General considerations regarding medical device classification

- Small-scale usability test


Starting latest by October 2017, the expected duration for completion is six months.


Prerequisites of the candidate

Programming skills in web development, especially HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript and AngularJS are required. Knowledge in MySQL, MATLAB and R is of advantage.


Benefits for the candidate

The candidate will gain experience and insight into clinical research at a K1 competence center. The ability to work at the interface of industry and science will provide a substantial background for the individual professional track. The candidate will be offered minor employment for the time of the thesis including a monthly salary of € 425,70 gross. Employment is currently limited to six months. Testimonial is provided after completion for personal proof of records.



Institute of Health Care Engineering with European Testing Center of Medical Devices

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christian Baumgartner

Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Bergmoser, BSc, MSc


Center for Biomarker Research in Medicine

Dipl.-Ing. Lucas Pflanzl, BSc, MA


Point of contact for application

Petra Majcen

phone: +43 385 28803

mail: petra.majcen@cbmed.at